Review: “Devotion to Infinity” by Vesuvian

Is it possible to have a “Brutal Power Metal” band? And what would that even sound like? Well the answer is Vesuvian. Hailing from Seattle Washington and formed in 2015 and releasing their debut EP “Lahar” in 2017, sharing stages with everyone from Exodus to Rings of Saturn and Nekrogoblikon to Stitched Up Heart. During those five years they’ve had an ever changing line up of which now vocalist/lyricist RJ Mitchell (The Fabled, Ocean of Obsession, Beldom) is the only remaining original member. For their sophomore EP, recorded at Wildhorn Audio and was Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Josh Wildhorn (who also did the Composing of the orchestra arrangements and Co-Produced it alongside the band), he is joined by some experienced musicians in Lead Guitarist/Backing vocalist Taylor Stone (Igne Irae), Rhythm Guitarist/Backing Vocalist Patrick Bradford (Silent Uprising) and Drummer/Percussionist Adrian Tarasov. For those unfamiliar with the outfit, as Power Metal acts do, their music follows a narrative with storytelling at it’s heart and Vesuvian follow the tales of a protagonist called “The Dreamer” who lives in the Vesuvian society, which is akin to a society similar to Ayn Rand’s “Anthem” or “The Giver” by Lois Lowry…

…18 minutes and 5 tracks many not seem like it’s going to do justice to the grand introduction we’ve just given Vesuvian but when it comes to EPs, often less is more and they can also serve as tasters for what future works might bring, an episode in a series rather than a full blown movie trilogy. “Whispers of Sweet Sanity” is very much the calm before the storm, a soothing synth and orchestral piece that builds atmosphere and cleanses the mind as the title eludes to before the band launch head long into “Devotion to Infinity“. There is a clear parallel between what Nekrogoblikon call “Melodic Death Metal” and what Vesuvian are calling “Brutal Power Metal” that echoes through this first cut proper in sublime fashion. It has everything you could possibly want in a Metal track – savage Death Metal unclean vocals, bright soaring leads, staccato breakdowns and warm, bright synths. The storytelling narrative is impressive and the vocals are clearly audible, which is essential for that Power Metal based sound to work. “Horrid by Design” is a socially and politically aware dissection of the human race with a core message about searching for self improvement from within. The narrative resonates long after the headbangable riffs and slick leads have dissipated and like the best of songs, it gives you something to think about in that. The galloping drums of “Call of the Void” sees Tarasov give a stand out kit performance, which is somehow equally matched by Stone’s brilliant lead riffs throughout. There is a cinematic quality throughout that is given in part by the synths which are used sparingly but act to lift the sound and you could easily see this out accompanying some action sequences on the big screen. “The Burden of Truth” wastes no time in ripping through the town like a tornado with a whirlwind of swirling riffs and drum fills echoing the sentiment of the “I will survive” lyric. Another beast of a track, the sheer quality on show here is very impressive indeed. Ignore the genre tag, this is simply great music [8.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Whispers of Sweet Sanity
  2. Devotion to Infinity
  3. Horrid by Design
  4. Call of the Void
  5. The Burden of Truth

“Devotion To Infinity” by Vesuvian is out now and available via bandcamp

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