Exclusive Interview: Anticline talk “Urgency”, Justice For The Damned and working with Jamie Marinos!

There is a thriving Metal scene in Australia with an absolute ocean of high quality music taking bands from that part of the World around the Globe, sharing their cuts with everyone who will have them. One of the bands who are yet to leave their homeland but have the tunes and the talent in place to do so when the opportunity arises are Anticline. They have just dropped their sophomore EP “Urgency”, which features a guest appearance from Bobak Rafiee of Justice For The Damned fame on “Pitch Black“, the follow up to 2018’s “Hesitancy”, both of which utilize the skills of Jamie Marinos (Gravemind, Sentinel, Alpha Wolf) to help them get the sound that they want and we love. We had the pleasure of speaking to them about the new release and here’s what they had to say…

It’s been two years since 2018’s “Hesitancy” so how does it feel to get this sophomore EP “Urgency” released? What’s the feedback been like so far? “It feels great to finally be releasing some new music! It feels like we’ve been sitting on it forever due to some frustrating little set-backs along the way so it’s also a bit of a relief to have it finally coming out too. And the feedback has been great! Its been a bit weird to get all of our feedback from online though. Usually we can get an idea of how much people are digging a song from the live response, which we obviously don’t have at the moment. But all the comments and feedback from fans online has been really good which we’re stoked on!”

Over that two year stretch, you’ve shared stages with everyone from Knocked Loose and Jesus Piece to Gloom In The Corner and Diamond Construct, what was that like? Do you have any particularly good memories? “It’s absolutely surreal playing with bands of that calibre. When we first started as a band, I don’t think any of us ever imagined playing with a band like Knocked Loose or Jesus Piece was something that would ever be possible. Knocked Loose were basically the reason we became a hardcore/metalcore band when they released “Laugh Tracks”! The show we played with Cursed Earth, Daybreak, Gloom In The Corner and Wreath is a memory of ours we look back on very fondly on. It was full of bands we really enjoy and the whole night just had a great vibe. The Greyscale Records showcase is another great memory that allowed us to play at one of Australia’s greatest venues, The Corner Hotel, alongside some of our favourite Australian bands. Also anytime we play in Adelaide is a good time. Our first interstate show was there and they made us feel super welcome from the get-go and we’ve made a bunch of great friends there since so we’re always eager to get back when we can!”

You have had a whole string of guests on previous tracks and have Bobak Rafiee of Justice For The Damned on “Pitch Black” on this one. What was it like working with him and did you always have him in mind for the cut? We’ve always been big fans of Justice For The Damned so it was super cool to have the opportunity to get Bobak on a track of ours. He was a pleasure to work with. We sent him the track and lyrics, and he came back at us with a couple of change ups and extra lines which really added to the song which was great! He was our first choice for the guest spot and luckily for us he rated the song and was happy to jump onboard”

Speaking of co-conspirators, Jamie Marinos (Gravemind, Sentinel, Alpha Wolf) has been with you from pretty much the start, mastering the first record and producing this one, what has it been like working with him? Is he like the unofficial sixth member of the band at this point? “We always love working with Jamie. He’s just a musical wizard full of great ideas. We wouldn’t say he’s an “unofficial member”, but he has a really great knack of getting in the same mindset as the bands he works with. It also helps he’s one of the nicest and most polite people you’re likely to meet!”

Vocally “Urgency” has a great balance (with the shriller pitching Dylan Volk and the deeper barks from Don Shoe); how did you go about finding that balance and choose which vocalist had which lines in each track? “Most of the vocal placements are done by what naturally feels right in most cases, but basically Don had some parts he knew he wanted to do and Dylan had some bits he thought would be better suited to Don too. The two of them worked in tandem and put a lot of effort in to hopefully strike the ideal balance.”

Having already shared stages with some great bands, who would you like to share stages with in the future? Is any stage a stage or do you prefer Festivals or club shows? “Small stage shows rule for hectic mosh and crowd involvement, but we’d love to play some shows on a big festival stage such as UNIFY Gathering or Invasion Fest. As for bands we’d love to share the stage with in the future, in terms of international bands: Vein, Kublai Khan, END, Counterparts, Code Orange, Harms Way and Street Soldier are some examples. And then on a more local Australian level: Justice For The Damned, Falcifier, Vengeance, Ill Natured, Honest Crooks, Speed, Primitive Blast and Born Free.”

Urgency” by Anticline is out now! What are you waiting for?! It’s available over at bandcamp!

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