NEWS: Wyrmwoods leave the “Subterrane”!

Finnish Experimental Black Metal solo project Wyrmwoods are set to release a third album entitled “Gamma” via Inverse Records on 23rd October. Multi instrumentalist Nuurag-Vaarn. 2018’s “Earth Made Flesh” and 2019’s “Spirit & Teeth” precede it with the later having an epic 32 minute title track! The first single from this new album goes by the name “Subterrane“.

Nuurag-Vaarn comments: “Subterrane – like the whole upcoming third album – will be a departure from the last album’s more chaotic and lo-fi style and closer to the style of the first album. Less avant-garde and more progressive, with some added influences from bands like¬†Opeth, in addition to all the previous inspirations.¬†Many of the songs, like this one, won’t be as primarily Black Metal like previous Wyrmwood’s tracks especially last album, but more of a mixture of different metal genres.”

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