Review: “Point Blank Termination” by Infiltration

The members of Russian Groove fueled Death Metal act Infiltration first came together in 2017 with one goal in mind: to pay homage to some of their favourite death metal acts like Cannibal Corpse, Bolt Thrower and Napalm Death, to give it their own heavy twist and to have a blast doing it. The band’s line-up features seasoned musicians who used to be involved with such bands as Free At Last, Hellbomb, Chamber Of Torture, Katalepsy, Abnormal and in 2017 drew a line in the sand with debut EP “Nuclear Strike Warning”…

…”Plunged into Decimation” begins with an arty spoken word about the fall of mankind before the Juggernaut kicks into gear with breakneck groove for days and almost instantly bring to mind Twitch of The Death Nerve minus the gore. The metronomic precision of the clean, crisp drumming is Chris Adler esq, while the guitars have a loose freedom, leaving the vocals bludgeon you to death with a blunt instrument. The rapid fire salvos don’t let up with “Missing in Bodycount“, another brutal cut from the same cloth that sees the band holding onto their hats as they play as fast as they can without becoming a train wreck with several tempo shifts that go faster and harder when you think it just isn’t possible. “Sniper’s Creed” opens the floor with the sound of a single gunshot and some classic lead riffs of immense power, another runaway solo an electrifying moment that raises the hairs on the back of your neck. An obvious single, it’s a high grade Semtex quality piece that tells you exactly what this band are about. Taking its inspiration from US Groove Metal bands, “Collateral Damage” brings Earth shattering bass lines as the Saint Petersburg War Machine keeps grinding the gears. The ferocity of the vocals are matched by the lyrical themes which are essentially a depiction of the current state of World Address, although some listeners might struggle without a lyric sheet, such is the blood gargling nature of the delivery…

…82 seconds is all it takes for the Psycho to stab the victim enough times to make the corpse unrecognisable and such is the frenetic nature of “Rabid Bloodshed“, a short sharp shock of vicious intent, so good they’ll have to play it twice, back to back live. Industrial white noise track “Missiles Over the Minefields” is the last thing one might have expected from this album but what it does is cleanse the mind for the onslaught of “Radiation Storm“, a brutal Death Metal cut of pounding rhythms with a couple of 90s rooted solos that roar out of the chamber and smash into their intended target with the destructive accuracy of a laser targeted missile, the Geiger counter at the end being hilarious good fun. If you’re a fan of Death Metal but have guilty pleasures in the works of Pissing Razors, Lamb of God or Filthy Crook, then this is the album for you and saving the best until last, “Absolute Brutality of Terror” tramples the bones into dust with so much Southern Groove you can just picture Infiltration rolling up on Texas, burying their flag in the ground and declaring it their own [7.5/10]

Track listing

1. Plunged into Decimation (4:06)
2. Missing in Bodycount (4:25)
3. Sniper’s Creed (3:37)
4. Collateral Damage (5:10)
5. Rabid Bloodshed (1:22)
6. Missiles Over the Minefields (2:58)
7. Radiation Storm (4:50)
8. Absolute Brutality of Terror (4:33)

Point Blank Termination” by Infiltration is out 9th October via Time To Kill Records and available for pre-order over at bandcamp

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