NEWS: Beyond Extinction suffer from a “God Complex”?

We have spent hundreds of hours of writing and demoing the record at our homes and practice spaces to create this EP, and it’s the best music we have written to date. Focussing on the concepts of nihilism and the imperfections of the human race, the subject matter of this record has a deep and powerful meaning behind it, even from such young writers.” ~ Jasper Harmer, Beyond Extinction vocalist.


Despite having an average age of just 17, Essex based Death Metal quintet Beyond Extinction have risen to prominence over the past two years, forming in 2018 and announcing themselves with debut single “Dunestrider“. Turning heads with their sophomore effort “Broken Throne” and sharing a stage with Cancer Bats in 2019, they have now unleashed hell with “God Complex“. The track will appear on the bands ear-splitting debut EP “The Fatal Flaws of Humankind” set for 29th January 2021. Here’s the music video.

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