NEWS: Abstrakt escape “Radiant Darkness”!

Finnish Helsinki-based Symphonic Death Metal infused Black Metal band Abstrakt have woken up from hibernation and will release a new album “Uncreation” on 25th February 2021 via Inverse Records. First single “Radiant Darkness” has been released today complete with music video. The band was formed back in 2008 by duo Nightderanger and Azul Corax but didn’t record their first demo until February 2011. Debut album “Obsidian” was published in November 2013 and the initial demos for “Uncreation” were recorded back in August 2016.

The band comments: “The first single Radiant Darkness has been released as demo version years ago but the album version offers a facelift with brass knuckles in completely new way. Radiant Darkness is a prime example of the album’s more straightforward material, where synth arrangements have taken a backseat role and a relentless beatdown takes the center stage.”

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