NEWS: Neon Empire share their “Wrath”!

Dublin Electro-Metalcore quartet Neon Empire may have released their debut EP “Distorted Reality” this summer but the inability to play shows around it has meant a return to the studio. The result is a brand new single by the name of “Wrath” complete with music video courtesy of Record Replay Productions.

The band comment: “Wrath is an intense experience. This song is an invitation into a world of primal rage, and with it, a warning of the consequences of losing control. With this song, we’re navigating uncharted territory. We’re pushing Metalcore to its absolute limits, with an orchestra of soaring synth hooks, atmospheric electronic sounds, snarling guitars and unrelenting drums. We deliver transcendental, melodic highs before pulling you back down to earth with a brutal low-end. We’ve been heavily inspired by Bring me the Horizon, Architects and I Prevail. These bands have improved on the Metalcore formula by introducing Electronic elements into their sound, and with our new Single, we aimed to elevate the genre to even greater heights

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