Throwback: “Caffeine Bomb” from The Wildhearts!

Essentially the brainchild of the bands only consistent member Ginger Wildheart after he was given the boot from The Quireboys in 1989, The Wildhearts arrived on the scene from Newcastle to drink our beer and steal our women. Their rock and roll life style, issues with labels, recreational drugs and depression lead to a revolving door of members as well as numerous side projects. We’re going to head back to 1994 and the re-issue of their album “Earth Vs. The Wildhearts” for “Caffeine Bomb” which was released as a stand alone single beforehand and has appeared on numerous compilations since. We all need a caffeine hit on a Monday morning and if you’ve not tried the whipped coffee drinks that have invaded from the Asia, you might want to try this.

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