Throwback: “Feel So Stupid (Table 9)” by Darwin’s Waiting Room!

In an interview Dope frontman Edsel Dope infamously once said that major labels pick up bands, throw them against the wall and see what sticks and that with the majors there is no second chance or opportunity to mature with the knowledge gained if you don’t make your targets. One band that suffered such fate was Miami Florida Nu-Metal outfit Darwin’s Waiting Room. They landed a deal with MCA after the success of their independently released self titled debut album but were only given one chance at the top table. The result was “Orphan“, which dropped in 2001 and lead to successful tours with Nonpoint, Godsmack and Machine Head with single “Feel So Stupid (Table 9)” getting plenty of airplay on MTV2. Sadly it wasn’t enough and the label didn’t like the sound of the follow up “Apology Accepted” which never officially released but did leak onto the internet. Guitarist Eddie “The Kydd” Rendini tragically passed away in 2015, so this one is for him.

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