NEWS: Maudiir awakes from “The Slumber”?

The rising Blackened Thrash tide knows now bounds with solo project Maudiir the latest in a long line to call the genre his own. Taking advantage of complete creative control and effortlessly moving between styles, adding infusions of punk, focused guitar solos and clean production to the classic black metal vocals and chunky bass riffs, his second studio EP “La Part du Diable” is set for a 19th February 2021 release in follow up to last years “Le Temps Peste” which you can snap up over at bandcamp. In the meantime, 8th January 2021 will see this new cut “The Slumber” out on all good streaming platforms…

Maudiir comments on the EP as a whole: “I had great reviews for the first EP “Le Temps Peste”. I think the new EP “La Part du Diable” expands on the first one and brings more progressive elements to the songs. I also managed to get the bass guitar at the forefront of the songs, which is not so common in modern metal, so I’m really happy about that. All in all, it’s a pretty interesting and unique listen.”

Maudiir – La Part Du Diable

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