NEWS: Enemynside suffered defeat?

For the last few years the promotional cycle of a Metal record has usually involved a trio of music videos before the albums drops, alongside interviews and playthrough videos but there are a few bands who buck that trend and do something different. One of those bands is Italian Thrash Metal act Enemynside. Back in October 2019 we reviewed their album “Chaos Machine“, a politically and socially aware piece from a band who have toured sporadically with the average lifecycle of each release being four years. So it should come as a surprise that they have taken some time out around a few lockdown covers to create a music video for “Suffered Defeat” for our viewing pleasure.

The band comment: “The song is about our condition as replaceable human beings in this society which leaves you behind if you don’t conform to it. Who doesn’t (or can’t) ends up marginalized or goes insane…

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