NEWS: Grimmreaper travel the “Road of Resistance”?

The fourth and final single from the upcoming debut album from Grimmreaper is upon us with a cover of “Road of Resistance” by Babymetal which features Dragonforce guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman on the original recording. The album itself, entitled “The Tragedy Of Being” drops on 30th March with pre-orders available over at bandcamp.

Grimmreapear elaborate for choosing the track to cover: “I’ve been a Dragonforce fan forever. I first heard this song by Babymetal and thought ‘That’s Japanese Dragonforce for sure.’ Sure enough, Dragonforce helped write some songs for them, including this one. I’ve been a fan of Babymetal ever since. I re-wrote the lyrics in English in 2018 and recorded the cover in my apartment when I lived in Japan. I lived there for a little over a year. It took almost 2 years of learning, recording, failing, and trying again before it was done. Dragonforce often writes about the hero’s journey, mountains, dragons and archetypes, and this cover sticks with those themes, but also fits in with the album’s story.”

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