Review: “Beset By False Prophets” by Twitch of the Death Nerve

Beset By False Prophets” is a record in two parts. Not satisfied with releasing a four song EP, Twitch Of The Death Nerve have combined their latest frenzied assaults with a recording of their entire set at Xxxapada Na Tromba festival that took place in Lisbon, Portugal in January 2020 to give us 14 tracks or rampaging brutal Death Metal to follow 2020’s “A Resting Place For The Wrathful”. The London trio, who comprise Tom Bradfield (Guitars and Vocals), Tom Carter (Bass) and Mauro Hammerition (Drums) form an axis of evil that have served time with the likes of Infected Disarray, Repulsive Dissection and Goreinhaled to name but a few so they’re very much seasoning the obese as vertan musicians.

There is something about Twitch of the Death Nerve that evokes thoughts of Robert Rodriguez creations like the From Dusk ’til Dawn series and with the nasty sample at the start of “The Wages Of Faith” that plays on that inside the mind. A tale of how some people believe blind faith will save them from disease that Doctors can not cure, it’s a brutally told, spitting, snarling affair of blood gargled vocals and rampaging riffs. The difference here is that some work has been done on creating a sense of groove and some sinister guitar work that means it’s not just the full on onslaught that bulldozes everything in its path. “Facadism” sees Bradfield boarding on Slam vocals and given than the band have shared many a stage with that kind of bans, it’s little wonder that some of that has influenced his style. There are times when the lyrics are not audible, Bradfield’s throat simply becomes an instrument that enhances the brutality of the experience while not being for the faint hearted. This cut sees him use two distinct styles with some shriller moments cutting the thick uncleans like a butchers knife through butter. Another horror film speech sample sets the stage at the start of “At The Trial Of The Exhumed Pope“, a cut which sees the band offer some downtempo moments whereby Carter gets the opportunity to have his clanky bass tone pop up over the riffs and offer some funkier sounds that crack a smile amid the sheer savage beauty of the bands usual black blend, giving it a sense of fun often absent from such burnt offerings. Moments of Deathgrind light up “Confounded By Apophenia” like a marionette soaked in Kerosene, dancing and burning at the same time with Hammerition making his presence felt with a pulverisingly impressive kit performance. Each member of the band is at the top of their game with this new release, pushing each other to deliver a punishing record that delivers the goods. As for the live record, it’s a high grade Cemtex performance with clean and crisp sound quality that captures the band at their live finest in front of an audience calling for their blood. If you haven’t experienced Twitch of the Death Nerve live before, then this is a close second to that, giving you everything but the blood, sweat and tears that you need to experience for yourself to get them in full effect. Do your ear drums a favour and get this record [8/10]

Track listing

  1. The Wages Of Faith
  2. Facadism
  3. At The Trial Of The Exhumed Pope
  4. Confounded By Apophenia

Beset By False Prophets” by Twitch of the Death Nerve is out 12th March 2021 with pre-orders available here.

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