NEWS: Evile pay homage to The Thing!

Keeping themselves firmly in the headlines with a couple of days to go until the release of their first album in the better part of eight years, Huddersfield Thrash revivalists Evile have unveiled a music video created by Ingo Spörl of for at track that pays tribute to a John Carpenter masterpiece. Taking the name of the Horror classic, “The Thing (1982)” will appear pride of place on “Hell Unleashed” when it surfaces from the black depths on 30th April via Napalm Records. Pre-orders are still available over at bandcamp.

Vocalist and Lead Guitarist OL Drake says: “The 3rd and final single from Hell Unleashed is not only based on my favourite movie of all time but it’s a strong contender for my favourite song off the album. This track goes through so many cool changes, with frenetic vocals which mirror the subject matter, and we couldn’t be prouder of not only this song, but the entire album it’s featured on. Blast “The Thing” as loud as you can!

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