NEWS: Param-Nesia prepare for “Aspects of Creation”!

It has been a long time in the works but the follow up to 2019’s “The Beginning” from Vancouver Technical Death Metal quintet Param-Nesia will finally appear on 18th June. Before you say two years ain’t all that, when you hear that debut, you might find yourself scratching at the walls for the follow up. Fueled by the writing partnership of lead guitarist Andy Cahalin and vocalist Cayle Charlton, the band have premiered a second single in  “Forsaken” ahead of the release of that EP “Aspects of Creation“. You can get both that and previous single “Pestilence Of Man” available for instant download if you pre-order the EP over at bandcamp.


The band explains the track: “Forsaken takes things in a more melodic direction, a bit more flair in the melodies, while still retaining the heaviness of the intro song before it (“Pestilence of Man”). It is distinguished by the harmonies and leads with savage vocal accompaniment and a powerful outro.”

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