The Black Map #159: ForeignWolf from Belfast!

From Brighton to Belfast for this week’s look at the Metal Underground scene is a fair leap but perhaps not as big as the stylistic leap of  Blackened Deathcore to Alternative Metal. The Custom 77 guitars endorsed ForeignWolf have always has a focus on Mental Health and after forming in 2019 their debut EP “Tempered Hearts” has surpassed 40k of Spotify streams, setting the tone for the quartet to progress to their sophomore EP. That will drop in just a few days time on 14th May, entitled “Your Weapons, Your Words“ and has been preceded by single “Alone” as the band seek to take us on an emotional journey through the stories of those around them. Citing influences in Alexisonfire and Deftones, Gerard McCann (lead vocals, guitar), Dave Brady (lead guitars, backing vocals), Justin Lee Jamison (bass), and Mick Teague (drums) have so far shone light a lighthouse in creating music that is captivating, those intense emotional Post-Hardcore elements crashing like a tidal wave into their enticing hooks and monstrous riffs.

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