The Black Map #186: Kvilla from Manchester!

Like the eroding cliff faces, the walls of Metal sub-genres are gradually falling into the oceans which smash against them during wild storms with many bands often taking influences from all over the spectrum and creating their own hybrids. One of those is Kvilla who hail from Manchester, a place renouned for its Slam and Beatdown scene. They build on a Blackened Hardcore skeleton with elements of Punk, Thrash and Shoegaze into their sound, citingĀ  Converge, Cradle of Filth, and Deafheaven as influences, all of which are cracks of light piercing through the black clouds of their now year old debut EP “The Ward“, an abrasive half an hour of power that cries tears of blood. Since that surfaced from the black depths second guitarist Joe Stead has been added to the line up to give the band a broader, thicker sound and before beginning work on new material with him, shows in York, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester have been witnessed…

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