Throwback: “My Dark Place Alone” from Murderdolls!

Hearing of the death of a hero and a legend is never easy and in Joey Jordison we lost a man who was the epitome of a Metal musician and a much loved human being. How much his suffering from acute Transverse myelitis, a neurological disease that causes inflammation of the spinal chord was a part remains to be seen and while he died peacefully in his sleep he was just 46, no age at all. He will be remembered not only as the drummer that drove Slipknot to Global success but as the guitarist that resurrected Wednesday 13‘s career with two Murderdolls Horror Punk albums. His projects Scar the Martyr, Vimic and Sinsaenum all delivered different music that showcased not only his talent but those of a collection of seasoned musicians he chose to work with and then you have his touring with KoRn, Ministry, Satyricon and Rob Zombie. Perhaps our greatest memory of the legend will be seeing him fill in for Lars Ulrich for a selection of cuts at Download Festival in 2004 and playing 8 of 13 songs for Metallica. The outpouring of love from the Metal community has been as we’d have hoped, everyone getting together to share their stories and memories. So rest in peace brother, you’ve given us so much and been taken before your time. Here’s the music video for “My Dark Place Alone” from “Women and Children Last“, the 2010 second and last album from Murderdolls. 

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