The Black Map #178: Internal Conflict from Leicester!

In choosing Neil Hudson (Krysthla, From Eden To Exile) at Initiate Audio & Media Studios in Northampton to mix and master their sophomore album “Aphoria“, Leicester based Metalcore outfit Internal Conflict put their money where their mouths are and got the best person for the job. The album title means “An irresolvable internal contradiction or logical disjunction in a text, argument, or theory or the expression of doubt” and in follow up to the bands 2018 EP “Nothing Is Lost” it took them to Bloodstock. A hard hitting affair lyrically it dissects modern society with a sharpened scalpel and a surgeons steady hand while having no fears about sharing their thoughts on their collective and often turbulent personal lives while also bringing a wealth of riffs. They’ll be playing the 25th anniversary incarnation of Heavy Metal for Wigan on 9th October at The Boulevard with Hounds, Odysseus and Unbroken

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