Track Review: “The Nihilist” by Spoiler

They say that three times a charm and for Essex based Nu-Metalcore quintet Spoiler, “The Nihilist” marks their third single behind “Brighter” and “Repressed“, a track adorned by cover at that paints them a shade darker than previously. Comprising seasoned musicians and former members of The Dropper’s Neck and a current member of Addison Lane, they will be joined in January by InRetrospect as they begin to clock up the miles and begin to get a few live shows under their collective belts…

…Going heavy DJent with this new cut and giving it a gritty black and white music video shot in the woods with Tech-Fest favourites Loki Films, the band bring crushing breakdowns and sinister programming as they step up to the plate with a satisfying crunch and some distinctive almost Deathcore vocal moments in a skull battering opening half that will be a in instant pit starter. A tasteful clean vocal moment mid track is on point, just enough melody to give the track something else, a moment of clarity and for the pit a pause for breath before setting it on fire once more. There can be no doubt. Spoiler are a going places band who are here to stay and command to be witnessed [8/10]

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