NEWS: It’s Endless November for Depressed Mode!

After two critically acclaimed albums in 2007’s “Ghosts of Devotion” and 2009’s “..for Death..” Finnish symphonic doom/death metal band Depressed Mode went on hiatus and as the years went by it seemed like they would never return. But as unlikely as it seemed, 2020 saw them enter Ansa Studio Ulvila as guitarist Teemu Heinola recorded and mixed a third studio album “Decade of Silence” which is now set for a 6th May 2022 via Inverse Records release. First official single “Endless November” sees them joined by Veronica Bordacchini of Fleshgod Apocalypse

Vocalist Otto Salonen comments on the single: “Endless November tells of immense loss and sorrow. The song is painted in gloomy waters, the ocean of sorrow, forests of death, and fields of pain. The heart can break from painful memories, and its own existence. The birth of the song was the first of its kind in almost ten years. It went all the way to the mastering of the project under the name of Doom1, and it was great to hear it completely ready, as well as the whole album, of course! Veronica’s contribution to the song was, in my opinion, a pure diamond, and it wouldn’t have become as massive without her

On the Inverse Records agreement: “In the summer of 2020, when I announced in social media that new music was being made for Depressed Mode, Inverse immediately contacted us about the release. The first draft contract was received in early 2021, but it was left to cook when a few other contract proposals were received at the beginning of the year also. The spring and summer went a little as it went, and negotiations did not progress due to communication problems until the connection was restored in September and an agreement was reached. It felt good and natural to make a deal with Inverse Records, as the same guys do the job as in our previous label, but with a bigger vibe. Now that the album’s release date has finally been set, although not until next spring, it still feels pretty good!

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