NEWS: Infected Rain and Butcher Babies join the chaos!

While the singles from the almost upon us 7th January sophomore major label album “Ecdysis” from Infected Rain, Moldova’s finest export have been promoting their Devils Dozen live streamed event as well as working on booking a festival tour trek what will include Summer Breeze in Germany next year. So now it’s finally time to turn back around to the album, the band have chosen “The Realm of Chaos” for the promotional purpose. Its one which sees one half of Butcher Babies double headed dragon join in the fun. Anyone would think they’d toured the US together recently…

Lena Scissorhands comments: “‘The Realm of Chaos’ was inspired by the massive depression we all lived in 2020. Dedicated to the lost nation and confused society we live in. Together with my friend Heidi Shepherd from Butcher Babies we are imploring everyone to stop running and start seeing the tragic reality we all live in.

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