NEWS: Justice Theory look for a fight?

Finnish label Inverse Records have shared the first taste of a Spring 2022 EP called “Beaten Will Rise” from Justice Theory. The cut is called “Fight Until You Die” and is accompanied by cover artwork by Petri Lampela as their only single of 2021 as they celebrate 5 years since their debut 2016 single “Necessary Evil“.


Vocalist and guitar player Valtteri states: “This song is ultimate power straight from the heart! After emotional and low-tempo song Fade Into the Night, I wanted to make a song that really hypes you up and makes you move. For me, lyric-wise this song is about two themes. First theme is standing together whatever comes to our way. Trust between brothers, and not giving up until you’ve given your everything ties it up really well. We should always remember that we are not alone in this world. Bond between humans can be stronger than we even realize, particularly when it comes to a matter of life and death. Another theme is that we always manage to find a way for rising up after being beaten down. When you’re at the bottom, it just gives you a moment for rise again…

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