NEWS: Sum Of Seven seek medical advice for voices?

After the fake news released by several well known media outlets stated that “38% of Americans Say They Will Not Drink Corona Beer Because of Virus” in February 2020 saw many wondering just how hard the virus had hit the  World famous Mexican Beer company, Finnish Progressive Metallers Sonus Corona have themselves made the difficult decision to rebrand. They are joined by new vocalist Marko Loukamaa and have launched first single “Voices” under the name Sum of Seven via Inverse Records and have explained exactly why…

The band comments single and name changing:  “Voices is a big song that we’re truly proud of. It features the best aspects of our music. Beautiful, strong melody accompanied with massive harmony, heavy guitars and tasty solos. The lyrics are a poetic package for the listener to unfold. Everyone can interpret them as they like, but for us they describe the pain and elusiveness of a creative process; music, writing, dance and art in general. For us it is modern progressive rock at its finest.

Sum of Seven is a sextet that started out under the name Sonus Corona. Our main goal is to have fun and compose music that inspires us and hopefully others. We absolutely love playing live and try to deliver an energetic and powerful experience to the audience. We signed a management and booking deal recently and with that our possibilities to go forward with the band increased significantly. With this and the coronapandemic in mind we opened a discussion to change our name. The pandemic has taken millions of lives around the world and has irreversibly altered what we think when we hear the word “corona”. With heavy hearts we decided to change our name.

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