Throwback: “From Rubble And Ruin” from Deamonstealer!

It seems almost unfathomable that after numerous accolades and achievements in 20 years in Metal, Demonstealer could still be very much at the top of his game but in new EPĀ  “The Holocene Termination” which features an all star cast of guests, Sahil Makhija has very much surpassed himself. The multi instrumentalist and Technical Death Metal legend from Mumbai India is one to be celebrated and so as the festive season is underway, here’s a little break from that in “From Rubble And Ruin” from his 2016 offering “This Burden Is Mine” which sees him joined by drummer extraordinaire George Kollias. If you like what you hear, want to check out more or fancy giving some of his material as a holiday gift in this season of goodwill to all, you can find what you need over at bandcamp.

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