Riff Police! Pull Over! #164: A Killers Confession Vs Slipknot!

Returning like an old flame that you simply can not extinguish no matter how hard you try, our Riff Police series lands once more for the second time this summer after nine months at her majesty’s pleasure. A hundred and sixty three times we’ve put together a pair of cuts which may or may not be strikingly similar and debunked a few myths in the process. So once more around the sun? Why not? But before we do, just remember kids, it’s all in fun, no reputations were harmed by a little rib tickling…

…So here it is, the new single from A Killers Confession, a band that features former Mushroomhead members Waylon Reavis and Tommy Church in their ranks titled “The Boys” which has co-writing credits for both Matthew Trumpy and Jon Dale which is the evidence which we’re putting in front of the Jury. On first listen to “The Boys” we were slapped with the feeling that we’d heard it before, almost instantly getting the vibes of an older cut, “(Sic)” by Slipknot from their 1999 released self titled album. The similarities are obvious however before Roadrunner Records Lawyers sharpen their pencils, are they the same? Well, the style of Reavis vocals on parts of this are distinctly Corey Taylor influenced, as is his twisted smile in the video. The riffs, minus the vinyl scratch work certainly have that same edge… But while it cuts close, it’s not plagiarism.

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