NEWS: Infinite Exile confirm resistance is futile!

From the ashes of the wake of two scorching singles released earlier this year, “Subhuman” and “War Is Here“, Australian Groove Metal quintet Infinite Exile have made it three stone cold winners in a row with “Futility“. Inspired by the world around them, they cite influences from the likes of Machine Head, Architects and Gojira, rumour has it that an EP is on the way…

The band comment: “The story of Futility is about pushing back against the grain. It’s about the times where the world feels like it’s working against you, and that you’re being dragged down by the people who claim to be supporting you. Shaking hands at the front and stabbing you in the back. Sometimes these people are real and actively working to drown you out, and sometimes Futility is a state of mind. 

For the music and the video, we’ve drawn heavily on an 80s theme with elements of futurism and cyberpunk. The track is carried by synths that form the heartbeat of the track, building up to a crescendo in the final chorus. The video is intense and colourful, and captures the intensity of of the vocals and the emotion in the message of Futility”.

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