NEWS: Sunfall serve up “Deadbeat”!

Call them Post-Metalcore or Nu-Metalcore or whatever but with single “Deathbreaker” surpassed 100k Spotify streams, we think it’s safe to say that Sunfall should now be considered a going concern and threat to national security. The Out Of Line Music signings have shared a new music video for a single called “Deadbeat” as they prepare to joing ChuggaBoom for their “Death Pledge” album release show…

The band comment: “The confidence in having a vision of knowing what you’re going to do and how things are going to go is a powerful trait to have. However, what happens when this vision doesn’t at all plan out how you saw it? Deadbeat follows this theme of “going blind”, metaphorically and literally losing your vision. You start to feel hopeless and lose all confidence of trying to see where your plans and future is going. You’re back at square one kicking up dirt pacing around, you feel like a deadbeat

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