NEWS: Guilt Trip issue a warning shot!

Promising their sophomore album in 2023, Manchester Hardcore quintet Guilt Trip have announced their signing to MLVLTD MUSIC, a label operated by Malevolence. That comes with the obligatory new single and ‘Tearing Your Life Away‘ has been selected for the purpose, accompanied by a music video that combines footage of their Bloodstock Festival performance with a set from London Dome…

On the new single and signing, the band state: “We’ve all swallowed the blood from biting our tongues and it doesn’t taste nice. Sometimes you’re all out of patience and it’s time to remind someone they’re living in your world. This will be the first time working with MLVLTD on a release of music and we are all super excited about it. Both coming from a DIY background and both beginning our careers in the same scene in the north of England – we have many shared experiences which make it very easy for us to see eye to eye, not only creatively, but also in how the record will be delivered to the public


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