Review: “Phobos / Monolyth” by dark_matter

_adrift_2.0_“, “A Place Of Memories And Ghosts” and “The Sovereign Night“. These are the voyages of dark_matter. Their 12 year mission to explore strange new compositions, seek out new depths and new textures, to boldly go where no instrumental Post-Metal band has gone before. Yes, we’re going to get sued. But it was worth it.¬†Guitarist and Keyboard player Eoin Crowley, drummer Dave O’Dowd and bassist Michael Lee don’t hail from the Red Planet but Limerick Ireland and have two albums and two EPs under their collective belts thus far. They make no apologies for the fact that the material they commit to tape is few and far between but instead put the emphasis on quality over quantity and do as they please…

…Drawing obvious comparisons to Red Wine, Dark Chocolate and even the finest cup of Columbian Coffee, “Phobos” is a rich and dark soundscape from dark_matter that builds the mountain in epic fashion. Starting with a low budget 80’s science fiction film moment the fog gradually lifts from the ambient textures into a full throttle piece of guitar work that immediately brings to mind Brian May standing on a pillar at Buckingham Palace, such is the stature of the piece. A little Progressive Metal seasoning to follow and they have given us something that belongs in a Cinematic production. Following like a river into the sea, “Monolyth” then takes hold, a re-interpretation of the demo which appeared a on 2010’s “_adrift_2.0_” and equally as magnificent here as the opening cut. While some instrumental music meanders through the wilderness in lost fashion leaving you puzzled or perplexed, dark_matter are like Toska, operating with purpose, swagger and direction, their music a journey through darkness and light, captivating and enthralling from start to finish [8/10]

Track Listing

  1. Phobos
  2. Monolyth

Phobos / Monolyth” by dark_matter is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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