NEWS: Fit For An Autopsy, Thy Art Is Murder and Malevolence form a triple threat?

Seven years after 2016’s “The Depression Sessions” and following the same 6-song mini album format where each band offers an original single and a cover song, “The Aggression Sessions” will be making an appearance this summer. The record finds Fit For An Autopsy, Malevolence and Thy Art Is Murder giving us contributions and will be available on 7th April digitally and 21st July physically via Nuclear Blast. That just leaves the first taste which is from Deathcore transcending Fit For An Autopsy with “Hellions

The tracklisting breaks down as follows:

1. Hellions – Fit For An Autopsy
2. Until There Is No Longer – Thy Art Is Murder
3. Waste Of Myself – Malevolence
4. Under A Serpent Sun (At The Gates Cover) – Fit For An Autopsy
5. Hammer Smashed Face (Cannibal Corpse Cover) – Thy Art Is Murder
6. Left Outside Alone (Anastacia Cover) – Malevolence

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