The Black Map #243: Virgin Witch from London!

Dispensing with the usual hangover jokes about Sunday morning being the day after the night before, we’re going to take a leaf out of the book of Roxette who came up with the title “Don’t Bore Us – Get to the Chorus!” for their 1995 greatest hits record – the one and only time the Swedish Pop Rock duo will be mentioned on any of these pages. There won’t be anyone of a certain age who doesn’t know “It Must Have Been Love” from the Julia Roberts and Richard Gere starring Pretty Woman, so don’t deny what you were singing wasted at the Karaoke last night. We know who you are.

Who the f*** are Virgin Witch you ask? They’re a Deathcore quartet comprising vocalist and studio guru Caleb Jones, bassist Keiran Newsam guitarist Kendal Beck and drummer Adam Beck who made their presence felt with what they describe as a “barrage of gut-wrenching heaviness, brutal breakdowns, colossal riffs and full-frontal attack screams“. [the only other time we’ve heard full-frontal in a sentence was a reference to nudity ~ Ed] Their debut EP “Gloom” is graced by cover art depicting Death herself standing over your coffin, which should be all you need to know. But wait – there is more – as while they hail from the Essex end of London and are good friends with regular tour partners Beyond Extinction they also have listeners as far afield as Phoenix Arizona an Melbourne Australia. Their last single “Deny The Lie“, is an all out must listen to banger, finds them joined by the monster that is Jason Evans from Ingested. So what are you waiting for? You know you want to check them out so abandon this right here and do yourself a favour.

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