NEWS: Valletta accused of criminal behaviour?

Featuring in their ranks a cast of musicians known for their prior convictions in MO’YNOQ, Lord Almighty, Barishi, Between The Buried And Me, Prayer For Cleansing and Hopesfall, 14th July will see the remains of “Come Alive” from Valletta released after a waterfall campaign of singles. Said to explore concepts of being both trapped in yourself, as well as being trapped within your environment and wider institutions or organizations, the record is one that offers raucous guitars and catchy riffs against a backdrop of dynamic percussion and demonic harsh vocals as the latest from it in “Criminal” warns…

The band comments: “This song is (metaphorically) about the blending of church and state regardless of who that violates. Religious people in congress who are making decisions for people who don’t believe that to be true. The inability for them to set a belief aside when deciding law. But it’s not so on the nose

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