NEWS: Display of Decay announce “Vitriol”!

Cornerstones of the Canadian Death Metal scene for more than a decade, Display of Decay are preparing to unleash a fourth studio album “Vitriol”, mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson of Cryptopsy. Relentless brutality in razor sharp riffs, groove laden bass lines and larynx threatening vocals, the lyrical content blends references to Diablo and Mass Effect with darker undertones from acts of senseless violence reported in the news. Preceded by a lyric video for “The Butcher”, the record is set for a 20th October via Gore House Productions the record is available for pre-order over at bandcamp.

The band shares their thoughts on the song and its nerdy ties: “The Butcher is the most dynamic song on the record. Its tempo fluctuates so much throughout to build up with the story behind the song. Initially, it started out as someone who was taken hostage and held against their will, soon to be burned alive, but we couldn’t help but draw reference to Diablo’s notorious Butcher who’s been featured in several of their games. The sheer heaviness of that intro and the catchiness of the chorus is guaranteed to turn heads and blow minds.”

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