Review: “Human” by Resolve

Starting their journey in 2016 having already spent more than a decade in previous projects, vocalist Anthony Diliberto, bassist Robin Mariat and drummer Nathan Mariat formed Resolve with the intension of it being their forever band. Seven years on a pair of EPs and a critically acclaimed album in 2021’s “Between Me and The Machine” later and the Lyon France based four piece rounded out by guitarist Antonin Carre find themselves on the crest of a wave. Thanks to time spent honing their craft and touring around Europe their reputation has steadily grown to make their latest offering “Human“, mastered by Lance Prenc (Polaris, Void Of Vision, Alpha Wolf) having been engineered and mixed by Mariat at Grey Matter Studios a highly anticipated record…

A modern slab of Progressive Metalcore, opening cut and title track “Human” takes the sound of “All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us” era Architects and “Alien” era Northlane and merges them together into one single darkly crushing entity. Diliberto blends ferocity with melody to create a beautifully emotive vocal underpinned by buried electronics and guitars which provide a real bounce. Renowned for their live show, this is one which will slot straight into the set with ease, capable of satisfying those in a sweaty club or a festival arena. Increasing the intensity with dual unclean vocal layers “Death Awaits” then bursts into a sing-a-long chorus that surprises with its warmth, before cutting back to a huge breakdown section, the quartet not afraid to allow their extremes to push out and dance on a few graves in the process. That leads into the Trap Metal orientated explosion of “Older Days” which finds Diliberto going toe to toe with Aaron Matts of ten56 and Marc Zellweger of Paleface Swiss, a cut which has Punk Goes Pop appeal because it sounds like Resolve putting a heavy spin on an and R’n B cut with a powerhouse finale. Think Volumes take on “Hold On, We’re Going Home” originally performed by Drake and you get the picture, the cleans are so soulful accompanied by vibrant synths and the before they pour gasoline on the bonfire and bring it home with the breakdown, the result is nothing short of stunning.

Taking a leaf from the book of Siamese, the cleans are equally stunning on “Continuum” as they build over the first half of the track, delving deep into melancholia in a tale about the daily struggle before the anticipated breakdown hits with the force of a hurricane in a 60 second burst of pure rage that relents for a final verse. Conjoined to “Bloodlust” it almost feels like an introduction piece for it because it gives the latter the ability to hit harder after the rich melodies, almost the calm before the storm. Breakdown heavy with Diliberto showcasing several vocal styles, it’s a stone cold winner with an earworm main riff that will get you every time, raising the hairs on the back of the neck with an adrenaline rush that will call you to the mosh pit. Resistance is futile. There are flavours of the melodic side of bands like A Day To Remember with “In Stone“, a bold and brave song to appear after one so heavy but one that is strangely endearing as it plays on the emotions with a surprising amount of depth. Thoughts and feelings aren’t allowed to linger however as things go full throttle once more for “Comfortably Dumb” which has a rampaging opening that dissolves into a chugging mid section of ominous darkness. Wrapped in the satisfying crunch of mosh pit inciting guitar work this one sounds immense. There can be no mistaking that a formula has been settled on here which gives “Human” as an album a flow that pushes and pulls with force, like violent mood swings with its extremes. Its clever in doing that, the band finding great balance in what they do and never afraid to work in a heavy breakdown, melody or vibrant chorus as they see fit.

The Pop-Metal vibes of “Ignite” make it one that grows on you with each repeated listen, the huge clean and crisp drum sound and heavy guitars only thinly veiling the sensibilities but not having the power to elevate it to its full potential. It’s one in which the band abandon their previous formula and let the opportunity for a heavy section pass them by which is to the songs detriment on the first few spins. Fortunately it makes way for the groove laden “Move To Trash“, a cut with a mid track false ending and heavy hitting staccato riff breaks that lurches in angular fashion before a finale of melody beauty with some eerie synths. The masterstroke however is the captivating and enthralling “New Colors” which harnesses that greater emotive depth of the earlier cuts and wraps it in modern synth tinged Progressive Metalcore structures. An astounding tune that stirs the soul, it feels like it would make a huge impact as a single on a film score. Bringing back those melodic style sensibilities from America “Moonchild” finishes the album in celebration of the highs and lows of life and the lovers and friends made and lost along the way. It has the feel of a song you’ve heard before which gives it a strange appeal, the band making it a little more distinctive by putting some heavier than you might expect riffs and the occasional scream through the middle of it [8/10]

Track Listing

1. Human
2. Death Awaits
3. Older Days (ft. Aaron Matts of ten56., ex- Betraying The Martyrs and Marc Zellweger of Paleface Swiss)
4. Continuum
5. Bloodlust
6. In Stone
7. Comfortably Dumb
8. Ignite
9. Move To Trash
10. New Colors
11. Moonchild

Human” by Resolve is out 15th September 2023 via Arising Empire with pre-orders available here.

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