Review: “Midnight Assassin” by Sadistic Force

The body of work that Sadistic Force have put together over the past few years has been nothing short of incredible and having received critical acclaim for their debut album “Aces Wild” it is safe to say that their sophomore record is in the highly anticipated section of the comic book store. It is said that for “Midnight Assassin“, guitarist, vocalist, founder and mastermind James Oliver fully immersed himself in the writing process, devouring countless hours of true crime and 80s slasher films for inspiration. Dragging drummer Jose Alcaraz and bassist Blaine Dismukes along for the ride, the creations of the trio were then Mixed by Noah Buchanan (Spitter, Nunslaughter, Dark Arena) at Mercinary Studios in Avon Ohio before being mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust, Municipal Waste, Power Trip)…

Nine fresh cuts from the Austin Texas based Blackened Speed Metal outfit are on offer with the band getting the show on the road with “The Unseen Force“, a 30 second piece of haunting and eerie introduction music credited as being composed and recorded by Electrocutioner. That paves the way for “Corpsewood Curse” to fly at the ear drums like a flaming bat out of hell with riffs flying in all directions. The story itself reeks of early Wednesday 13, minus the cheesy hammer horror jokes because lets face it, it is probably born of the same influences. But that is as far as the comparison goes as the Sadistic Force sound sits somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle of Traditional Heavy Metal, Blackened Speed Metal and Thrash, their attack fast and loose as if these track were recorded live on the floor of the studio. Gang chants continue into “Speeding Black Leather Hell“, a rampaging tour de force in which the bombastic bass line rises to prominence in the mix as if a second guitar. You can picture the band equally at home covering Venom, Motorhead of Judas Priest, such is the quality of their musicianship and when the solo of this one hits it’s the coup de grace moment that will keep you coming back time and again. Lyrically these songs are inspired by serial killers, stalkers and necrophiliacs, exposing the harsh realities of human depravity and violence like an exploitation movie and Oliver has the capabilities to pain the pictures in blood with the riffs that others would kill for. Album title track “Midnight Assassin” is another fine example with ripper of a solo and some blast beats thrown in for good measure leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of the leather clad vision of fast, frantic and fun perfection.

A tale of vampires rising from the grave in search for carnal delights under a blood moon is the subject of “Nuremberg Nights“, a cut that has another classic earworm riff at its heart. An adrenaline rush from start to finish that will leave its imprint firmly on your brain, by this point resistance to falling in love with this album is futile because it has all you want, need and crave. Old school but with a razor sharp edge to the knife blade to give it that broader appeal. Maintaining the momentum of high grade incendiary tunes to help you breathe more easily “The Butcher’s Apron” offers up another fretboard smouldering solo with a tale of blood soaked depravity. It benefits from a second voice, the contrast between Dismukes and Oliver’s tones well worked before the seemingly Iron Maiden inspiredĀ “Marked for Death” takes your soul. Raw and heavy with harsh vocals, this one has a huge sing-a-long chorus that you might not have expected but that fits perfectly none the less. Another example of a clever change up that ensures there is a point of difference encased within the crypt of ice of each track, while maintaining the fantastic flow of the record. As if there was any doubt, Oliver confirms that six strings is all you need with “Campaign of Sin“, a cut that has roots in Glam Metal debauchery but has been made the Sadistic Force way. Last but by no means leastĀ “Howl of the Horde” creates a vortex through which to drag the World to Hell, kicking and screaming. Oliver’s voice remains harsh and menacing, the Speed Metal attack as razor sharp as ever and you can expect this one on the Sons of Anarchy duke box during a broken bottle bar fight, it’s that good! [8.5/10]

Track Listing

1. The Unseen Force
2. Corpsewood Curse
3. Speeding Black Leather Hell
4. Midnight Assassin
5. Nuremberg Nights
6. The Butcher’s Apron
7. Marked for Death
8. Campaign of Sin
9. Howl of the Horde

Midnight Assassin” by Sadistic Force is out 13th October 2023 via Goat Throne Records with pre-orders available over at bandcamp

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