Review: “Power to Profit” by Callout

Either definition of a callout being “an instance of being summoned to deal with an emergency or do repairs” or “a statement drawing critical attention to someone’s unacceptable actions or behaviour” feels appropriate when it comes to the Stafford Beatdown Hardcore champions of the same name. Put simply it’s not The Ghostbusters or The A-Team you call when someone is being a d***, it’s these dudes. You pay them off after showing them the evidence and they drag the scum bag down a dark alley before subjecting him or her to a savage beating with baseball bats or knuckle dusters optional extra. Back in ancient history circa August 2015 the band dropped debut single “Blood on the Streets” which was swiftly followed by a debut EP of the same name. 2016 then brought a twin track demo promising an album later that year but the trail went cold, the serial killer going to ground. Seven years later vocalist Kieran Delap, guitarist Jack Renshaw, bassist Matt Sanders and drummer Kieran Norton return with “Power To Profit“, their clothes bloodstained and knuckles bloodied with no reasonable explanation…

Recorded at Lower Lane Studios before being mixed and mastered by Mat Davies (.357 Homicide, Capital Punishment) a record crossing Beatdown, Hardcore, Death Metal and Slam builds on the foundations of what came before it. A sample from 2005’s Rob Zombie classic The Devil’s Rejects sets a nasty tone brings “Spaulding” before a classic Death Metal riff in the vein of something you’d expect from Twitch Of The Death Nerve rattles the cage. Single hard hitting verse? Check. Chokeslam vocalist Johannes Buse then get on board for “Break Ya’ Neck“, trading lines of violent intent with Delap as the riffs lurch with a menacing and sinister quality. It’s like a low budget version of The Punisher as vivid images of death and destruction are painted on the cranium but you can’t help but be drawn in by the edgy quality of the lyrics. The moto of theĀ  notorious Carl Panzram ushers in the simple but lethally effective “Power To Profit“, the downtempo gearshifting enough to put crush the skulls of Vikings. It’s important to note that while these tracks are simplistic in their structures, they are purposefully so and doing them that way leaves no place to hide if you screw it up. “Wardub” takes us back to the warzone with artillery shelling percussive battery before privative programming breaks make for an interesting change up. The vocals are caustic and Delap could front a band from anyone of a number of dark genres without any issues whatsoever. The longest cut on the record “Nothing Left to Give” finds Final Words joining the party for a cathartic anthem of self destruction with a sample from 1996’s Scream adding that spice that’s nice. Another vicious little ditty of primer brutality, it hits harder than a wrecking ball on a building site [7/10]

Track Listing

  1. Spaulding
  2. Break Ya’ Neck (ft. Chokeslam)
  3. Power to Profit
  4. Wardub
  5. Nothing Left to Give (ft. Final Words)

Power to Profit” by Callout was released on 6th October 2023 and is available over at bandcamp

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