Review: “…And I Return To Nothingness” by Lorna Shore

Having endured many trials in their career to date the strength to carry on has been something that Symphonic Deathcore merchants Lorna Shore have demonstrated time and time again. The exit of Tom Barber to Chelsea Grin was followed by a lengthy search for a replacement before the abrupt departure of former Signs Of The Swarm vocalist CJ McCreery on the verge of the release of 2020’s “Immortal” could have been the death knell. But still the New Jersey residents remained resolute in their determination to soldier on and on the eve of the some major touring brought in long time friend and A Wake In Providence frontman Will Ramos. Initially seen as a stop-gap, he earned his place in the bands ranks, they have teamed up with “Immortal” producer Josh Schroeder (Varials, King 810, Attila) at Random Awesome Studios in Midland, Michigan for his first recorded offering.

It has to be said that the weight of the goings on surrounding CJ McCreery’s departure from the band made listening to “Immortal” the first time was a challenge but his vocals were so impressive that it was obvious they were going to be big boots to fill. Tongue in cheek we joked that former Chelsea Grin vocalist Alex Koehler might be the man for that following his stint in rehab for alcoholism and some much needed time off but in Will Ramos its fair to say they have found someone perhaps more fitting. The bands continuing transcendence away from Symphonic Deathcore into Death Metal is evident from the very start with “…And I Return To Nothingness” having lush synths that almost border on those you might expect from a Power Metal act providing a sense of epic grandeur to accompany the Ramo’s brutal vocals. The guitars are perhaps aren’t as heavy in the mix as you might have expected although the solo from Adam De Micco is an absolute ripper and the whole thing has an incredible cinematic vibe that is simply jaw dropping. “Of The Abyss” continues the onslaught with Austin Archey’s kit work obliterating the weak has he reaches the levels of technique usually kept for the finest of Black Metal offerings with rich bursts of blast beats and huge fills rattling off between some jackhammer kit work that is second only to a machine gun. There is time for a Deathcore breakdown segment before some ethereal choir and orchestrations which only serve to enhance that cinematic aspect but the cut with the most breakdown work in it is lead single “To The Hellfire“. A bone snapping cut of searing intensity it sees the band at their finest while also having time to incorporate some acoustic moments as well as a virtuoso technical solo that is sublime. It has become about atmosphere and creating a wall of sonic oblivion to which Lorna Shore have become masters, a psychotic cocktail of Cradle Of Filth and The Black Dahlia Murder fused together like adamantium to bone and continuing where the the last record left off to stunning effect [8.5/10]

Track listing

1. …And I Return To Nothingness
2. Of The Abyss
3. To The Hellfire

…And I Return To Nothingness” by Lorna Shore is out 13th August 2021 via Century Media

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