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Interview: Atreyu’s Brandon Saller on Mosh Talks!

“Who’s sleeping on my side of the bed tonight? Have you ever cried so hard? Baby you just died (you just died)“ Unlike the Atreyu fans who found the band through their hugely successful 2004 sophomore album “The Curse” thanks to the music videos for “Right Side of the Bed” and “The Crimson” getting a

Review: “Enlightened In Eternity” by Spirit Adrift

From humble beginnings, primarily as an outlet for multi-instrumentalist Nate Garrett (lead and harmony vocals, guitar, bass), Spirit Adrift started life in 2015 as a studio project encompassing his love for hard rock sensibilities and multiple strains of timeless heavy metal, taking influence from bands like Black Sabbath and Corrosion of Conformity. With the addition

Review: “Wild Fire” EP by Die Another Day

Tyler Johansen (Bass, vocals), Ricardo d’Almeida (Guitar, vocals), Justin Bennett (Guitar), Jared Boyd (Bass, vocals) and Adam Hensby (Drums) formed Die Another Day in May 2019 and taking influences from Atreyu, Lamb of God, System of a Down, A Day To Remember and Thrice the Calgary Canadian quintet formulated their style with a pair of

Documentary: Artist Tones goes Deftones with Neutal DSP!

Neural DSP’s long running “Artists Tones” series looking at how to match an artists guitar and bass tones to get your cover songs sounding like the originals sees “My Own Summer” from Deftones get the full treatment this week. A classic from the bands “Around The Fur” record it’s been covered by the likes of

The Black Map #83: Cincinatti Bowtie from Bradford!

If you’re never heard the term from which Bradford Deathcore solo project Cincinatti Bowtie takes its name, you can enlighten yourself via the Urban Dictionary here. Quaint bassist James Birch is the man behind the helm as a multi instrumentalist with guest vocalists appearing on various tracks. Having previously released a pair of albums in 

NEWS: Hollow Front won’t get “Left Behind”!

Grand Rapids Michigan Metalcore collective Hollow Front have a week of shows booked courtesy of Artery Global that will see them at Annihilation Fest in Toledo Ohio with the likes of Atreyu and Whitechapel on 8th November! They’ve delivered on long teased new single for the trek with “Left Behind” out today!

Exclusive Interview: Brandon Kellum of American Standards!

There aren’t many bands that can carry off a chaotic style with enough control to avoid sounding like a car crash. One such band is Phoenix Arizona’s American Standards. A complex and emotionally and politically charged Hardcore Punk quartet, they’ve suffered a few lows in amongst the highs of 300 plus DIY shows. They have a

Bootleg: Atreyu in Fort Wayne Indiana!

…and from the same Fort Wayne Indiana show on 1st December, here are five tunes culled from the self declared “inventors of Metalcore” Atreyu. You can read more about that (if you haven’t already) here. Ice Nine Kills frontman Spencer Charnas joins the band for “Bleeding Mascara” while new song “House of Gold” is a

Playlist: A Tribute to Faith No More

You get bands… and then you get bands. Faith No More have long been one of those bands. For each of the songs on this playlist there were many choices, Hellaween and Five Finger Death Punch have both done decent versions of “From Out Of Nowhere” for example, to name just one and Machine Head