The Black Map #83: Cincinatti Bowtie from Bradford!

If you’re never heard the term from which Bradford Deathcore solo project Cincinatti Bowtie takes its name, you can enlighten yourself via the Urban Dictionary here. Quaint bassist James Birch is the man behind the helm as a multi instrumentalist with guest vocalists appearing on various tracks. Having previously released a pair of albums in  “Invictus Maneo” and “1.21 JigaWatts” at opposite ends of 2018, a return with Tom Salt of Quaint fame appearing on new single “The Beast Beneath” serves as a preview of the upcoming 14th December album “Sins Of The Flesh“. If you’ve not heard this project before you might like to ease yourself in gently with the alternative takes on tracks by Limp Bizkit, AtreyuAlexisonfire and Dethlok that liter their back catalogue. You can find more of that here.

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