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NEWS: “Grief Enslaved” approaches for Reclaimer!

Lincoln Melodic Hardcore quartet Reclaimer have unveiled the second single from their upcoming 2nd August EP “Grief Enslaved”. Pre-orders for their Famined Records debut and sophomore recording are available here. The song, which is entitled “Canvey” has appeared via Dreambound. Their next show is on 14th September with Starve To Survive, Darkest Days, The Human

NEWS: Reclaimer announce new EP with “July”!

Lincoln Melodic Hardcore quartet Reclaimer have announced signing to Famined Records alongside for their sophomore EP “Grief Enslaved”! It will appear on 2nd August and feature new single “July”! It’s available for pre-order here with the track listing as follows… Melancholy Closed Letter Let Go July Canvey …which means it doesn’t feature the bands collaboration

NEWS: Reclaimer confirm 10x UK shows…

Lincoln Melodic Hardcore crew Reclaimer have fleshed out their shows until a set at Before The End Festival at the end of July. It’s a proving to be a big year for the band with a brand new single “Merge” featuring Ash Emery of I, The Mapmaker out now… March – with To Kill Achilles

NEWS: May Dayz for Reclaimer!

Lincoln Post Hardcore quartet Reclaimer will be joined for a co-headlining run in May by homeland. Having just released a new single entitled “Merge” and featuring guest vocals from Ashley Emery of I, The Mapmaker a new EP could well be in the works… 10th Mold, Y Pentan 11th Huddersfield, The Parish 12th Sheffield Corporation Sheffield

NEWS: Reclaimer “Merge” with I, The Mapmaker!

It’s finally here! After much promise, Lincoln Post Hardcore crew Reclaimer have joined forces with Ashley Emery from I, The Mapmaker to create new song “Merge”! It’s been a while since single “Chapter II” has been out and the band have hinted at a new EP in the works. The new track has come amid touring

NEWS: To Kill Achilles, Reclaimer and Involker in March!

To Kill Achilles, Reclaimer and Involker will be playing some shows in March on the European Mainland before a quartet of UK shows to close out! Reclaimer look to have a new EP in the works with the promise of  a new single entitled “Merge” featuring guest vocals from Ashley Emery of I, The Mapmaker

NEWS: Reclaimer in April!

Lincoln Hardcore crew Reclaimer have announced a trio of shows in April including a YouTube recording session. Confessions of a Traitor will appear at the Phoenix Bar date while In Depths will be on board for the YouTube Stream! 26th High Wycombe, Phoenix Bar 27th Lincoln, Liquor 28th Still Sick Presents: Live

NEWS: Reclaimer & I, The Mapmaker co-headlining!

Reclaimer have announced a co-headlining weekend in February with Bournemouth post-hardcore quintet I, The Mapmaker! The Lincoln crew have spent time in the studio recently so new material at these shows is widely expected. 8th Hull, O’Riley’s 9th Nottingham, Rock City 10th Manchester, AATMA

NEWS: Bleach tour dates!

Having released their debut EP “Disconnect” on Friday, Manchester Hardcore crew Bleach have announced a quintet of northern live dates in the coming month including a December one dayer in Lincoln. Perhaps surprisingly, neither Borders or Reclaimer are on the bill… October with Harmed and Centuries 3rd Leeds, Temple of Boom 4th Manchester, Star And Garter