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NEWS: The Stygian Complex get buried deep?

Adorned by artwork from Cesar Eidrian (Infant Annihilator, Encounter The Truth, Inceptioncs) the forthcoming debut album “Suffer With Me” from Ararat, North Carolina Deathcore operatives The Stygian Complex will land on Planet Metal on 9th February 2024. A band we’ve followed since their self titled EP dropped in 2019, their rise to prominence has been

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Most Anticipated Releases of 2024!

Now that our teeth have rotted out from all the sugary Christmas treats we’ve consumed over the past week or so it’s time to turn to our most anticipated releases of 2024. Another incredibly hard fought category with albums and EPs already scheduled as far as May that we’re aware of, this one has been

NEWS: The Stygian Complex prepare to deliver a lesson in violence!

Continuing their ascent to the Deathcore throne, The Stygian Complex have confirmed that 2nd February 2024 will see their new album “Suffer With Me” pummel us into submission. Adorned by artwork from Cesar Eidrian an instrumental edition will also rise from the black depths of North Carolina seven days and seven deadly sins later but

NEWS: The Stygian Complex rest on their deathbed…

It’s official. Having completed tracking at the end of September the debut album from North Carolina Deathcore brutes The Stygian Complex is set to drop like a tombstone from the sky on our skulls on 2nd February. Titled “Suffer With Me“, it includes not one but two versions of “Misery Sequence” and courtesy of Crestfallen

Review: “The Gehenna Complex” by Null Existence (2nd Anniversary)

The evidence has been submitted to the court and the defendants plead the fifth amendment simply because they believe “The Gehenna Complex” speaks for itself. Released in the summer of 2021 it finds Washington two piece Deathcore fundamentalists Null Existence making their debut with multi instrumentalist mastermind Joey Hancock, subsequently known for his work in

NEWS: The Stygian Complex are Born to Burn again!

Accompanied by the promise of new tunes soon, North Carolina Deathcore crushers The Stygian Complex have premiered a music video directed by Phillip Gibson for the title track of their current EP “Born To Burn“. Mixed and Mastered by Bodysnatcher drummer Chris Whited of 1776 Recordings it’s a brute of a track that celebrates the bands

Review: “Born to Burn” by The Stygian Complex

There are just a handful of bands that we can truly say we have followed from the very beginning, day one, first single, all the way to the present day and Lexington, North Carolina Deathcore collective The Stygian Complex are one of those. Forged in the fires of hell in 2018, they’ve gone from strength

NEWS: The Stygian Complex fall at the hangman’s noose?

with a week to go until “Born to Burn“, the new EP from Lexington North Carolina Deathcore collective The Stygian Complex drops, the band have thrown “Crooked Noose” at the Wolves baying for blood at their door. The EP is Mixed and Mastered by Bodysnatcher drummer Chris Whited of 1776 Recordings and is available for pre-order

NEWS: The Stygian Complex premier title track of upcoming EP “Born to Burn”!

The EP which is Mixed and Mastered by Bodysnatcher drummer Chris Whited of 1776 Recordings (Traitors, Annotations Of An Autopsy, Sorroweaver) will drop on 8th October with previous single “Hopeless” remixed and remastered for the effort. But that’s not all. If you pre-order the Lexington, North Carolina Deathcore Heavyweight champions release over at bandcamp, you