NEWS: Kerrang! Inside The World Of Extreme Metal Logos

As with most things, when it comes to Metal, the first bite is often with the eye. The cover art, band logo and name are all key in enticing the listener to check out something new for the first time. Any self respecting Metal Head is going to choose a band called “Dead Ducks” over a band called “Lady Luck and the Mighty Sunshine Band”. The bands logo is something instantly recognisable to fans. The artwork has to look cool and the albums with better artwork often capture the imagination more than those without. There have been times in the past when a number of metal labels had hot streaks of new signings. You could go into a record store and flick through the albums and something with great cover art, a great logo, title and band name would be something you’d pick up. You would know it was good if it was on Roadrunner Records in their golden era that saw the likes of Fear Factory, Slipknot & Trivium brought to the World stage. You’d know it would be good if it was on Trustkill Records which brought Eighteen Visions, Bleeding Through and Throwdown to the table.  Kerrang! Magazine have published an article entitled “Inside The World Of Extreme Metal Logos”. It’s a fascinating read and you can check it out here.

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