Spotlight: Art Cruz

The news that Winds Of Plague and Prong drummer Art Cruz would be filling in for Chris Adler in Lamb Of God for a run of dates due to “unforseen circumstances” is pretty damn cool, because not only is he a fantastic sticksman, with Lamb Of God fans getting a unique opportunity to witness the shows but also, the band doesn’t need to cancel. Here’s a collection of clips of the man at work.

#1. Digital Tour Bus “Gear Masters”

#2. Drum Cam footage of “Walk” by Pantera at Dime Bash 2018

#3. Prong covering “London Dungeon” by Misfits with guest vocals from Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God

#4. Winds Of Plague performing “The Impaler”

#5. Lamb of God playing “512” at Impact Music Festival

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