The Black Map #27: Napoleon from Exeter!

Exeter, on the River Exe between Plymouth and Bristol is a city in Devon. It was the most south-westerly of the Roman fortified settlements in the UK and is home to Exeter Guildhall, the oldest remaining civic building in Britain. It’s also the home of Joss Stone, JK Rowling (the author of Harry Potter, like you didn’t already know!) and Chris Martin of Coldplay fame. But we’re not here for any of that! We’re here for Exeter’s finest export, self described melodiposipassiongroove band Napoleon! More accurately, they’re a Progressive Metalcore band that have elements of a number of other sub-genres of Metal in their sound, including, but not limited to Melodic Hardcore, Metalcore, Hardcore Punk and Technical Hardcore. Got that? Good! They’re not you’re American average, lets’ put it that way.

2nd November will see the release of the bands sophomore album and follow up to “Newborn Mind” entitled “Epiphany” via Basick Records. They’ve had a number of line-up changes in their seven years together and have been forced to miss a number of live dates this year with sticksman James Mendoza reportedly no-longer gracing the drum stool. We were lucky enough to witness their live show when the supported Canadian Hardcore Punks Counterparts in 2017 and they know how to get it done, with Guitarist Sam Osborn able to perform miracles and do the work of a pair of guitarists! Napoleon will join Annisokay, Imminence, I Set My Friends On Fire, Rolo Tomassi, Silent Screams, Acres, Time, Time The Valuator and The Butcher Sisters at MoreCore Festival in Koln, Germany this October!

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