Review: “Death of Me” (Deluxe Re-Issue) by Bodysnatcher

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Chris Whited at 1776 Recordings, the re-release with a huge 5 extra tracks of last year’s “Death of Me” that only had 9 tracks in the first place is a surprise. Yes, Bodysnatcher could have released an EP or built a new album but the decision may have been pre-medicated. Sticking the new tracks in front of the older ones is also an interesting choice. As we didn’t review it the first time around, it’s time to go in deep!

“Ego Killer” gets the ball rolling with blast beats and some huge breakdown riffs. It’s Deathcore pummelling is then broken by a cleaner vocal break – that’s cleaner, not clean – and introducing a punchy rise and fall and a brutal downtempo section. “Exterminate” keeps up the pummelling with a slower vocal delivery and and downtuned guitar punches. The bass break is a nice touch as the band then go full on Traitors for the final minute, throwing in pitch harmonics with the downtempo riffage.
The third of the new tracks and sporting a brand new music video is “Isolation”. It’s an interesting gear switch from the opening pair and contains some really exceptional lead flourishes. There are still the downtempo drops but also elements of Beatdown hardcore that are very well executed. “Show Stopper” again uses some atmospheric lead work to highlight it’s 62 second Breakdown Fest with Connor McGregor smashing the kit. In some ways it seems like a piece of a song rather than a standalone virtual instrumental but it is none the less both brutal and impressive!

“Consequence” is the last of the new songs and is one about disrespect and it’s cause and effect. It’s a whirlwind of drum fills and howitzer guitar breakdowns that just pile on top of each other like bodies near Mike Myers. The haunting closing riff is a nice pallette cleanser for the opening ceremony of “Stab”, the original album starting block and staging post. The unexpected gutteral pig squeals are a nice touch in a headbanger of a song that switches it’s stomping riff into a more downtempo bludgeoning to close. Title track “Death of Me” uses a cleaner bark to get it’s larger lyrical content exposed but it is by no means a soft track. Bringing back the Beatdown hardcore sound and blending it with the bands Deathcore overtones makes for a fun, MoshPit worthy track that fans of multiple styles will enjoy. The guest vocals from Spite frontman Darius Terhani are also a nice touch and elevates the whole thing. “Rancid” brings back the heavier sound with a punchy vocal and bouncy riffage before a brutal crush of a downtempo bludgeoning closing that false ends the track several times in its full glory. “Deaths Power” is a 88 second long choke hold of a track that breakdowns you to death in short and sweet style. Who could ask for more?

“Heavy Gloom” makes use of more atmospherics is the guitar sound while also having one of the more brutal vocal performances on the album. Lyrically it’s a very personal and introspective track while musically it’s a release that will bring the roundhouse kickers to the shows. “Open Wounds” has a groovy, driven and pummelling riff that is reminiscent of the kind of guitar work that our own God Complex are producing at the moment and builds into a slow, dirty and menacing sound. “Bone Casket” has a surprise blast beat section which repeats around the pre-chorus and is used in some style to move the band between a pair of styles which otherwise might not segway so well. “Suffering” starts slow as one of the longer cuts on the album. At 3:54 you’ll appreciate that most of the bands material is 25% or more less. Building into a marching riff it has the sort of tight control and play on fractions of seconds of silence that other bands envy.
“Closer to Hell” doesn’t let up the relentless nature of the bands material complete with the sort of gut glass garggling gravel road throated vocals that make you think you’re about to get eaten. It’s harder to breathe when you’re Closer to Hell.

“Death of Me” is an album that sees Bodysnatcher seemlessly blend styles with precision and a well crafted material within each song. Deathcore, Beatdown Hardcore, Downtempo. It’s all here. The vocal range is phenomenal, the guitar work skilled and the drum work pummelling. The new mixing and mastering job has helped bring the 5 new tracks into the album, making them stand out for the right reasons. Bodysnatcher are here to stay [7.5/10]

Track listing

1 Ego Killer
2 Exterminate
3 Isolation
4 Show Stopper
5 Consequence
6 Stab
7 Death of Me
8 Rancid
9 Deaths Power
10 Heavy Gloom
11 Open Wounds
12 Bone Casket
13 Suffering
14 Closer to Hell

“Death of Me” is out now via Stay Sick Recordings and available via iTunes.

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