Riff Police! Pull Over! #37: Haste Vs Old Wounds!


In 2003 “The Mercury Lift”, the third full length in six years recorded by Birmingham, Alabama’s Haste and released by Century Media is a fine effort. It features improved craft and melody over the bands previous pair of efforts, especially in the dual vocal department, while maintaining a Southern Rock inspired breakdown and double bass break element throughout. One song that stood out was “The Death of Stars Like The Sun”, highlighting the top drawer production that makes the crushing heavy elements sound fantastic while also making those melodic tones sound achingly beautiful.

In 2015 Old Wounds released their album “The Suffering Spirt” via Good Fight Music and while the Jersey crew my seem to have released a straight up bare knuckle boxer of a Hardcore album, laden with breakdowns and snarling with fire and frenetic fury, it’s also one that has much more too it than at first seems. There is an obvious Type O Negative and even a Deftones influence in the mix in places but it’s the main riff for “Desecrate” which will sound more familiar to some than others. It’s straight out of Haste’s playbook albeit with a different tone to it. Influenced? Without a shadow of a doubt!


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