Riff Police! Pull Over! #38 Metallica Vs Gama Bomb!

Signed to AFM Records and hailing from both Newry and Dublin are Ireland’s finest Thrash Metal five piece since… ever. Gama Bomb have been laying down the gauntlet to all challengers for the past 16 years and with newly released “Speed Between The Lines” are showing no sign of any let up. “Zombie Blood Nightmare” from 2008’s “Citizen Brain” is one that wears it’s influences on it’s bloody sleeve. Litteraly.

That’s because if you head back in time to 1984 and arguably Metallica‘s finest hour “Ride The Lightening”, that riff will suddenly sound very, very familiar. “Trapped Under Ice” is a cut that is hard to ignore, simply because it is so damn good. Under the influence? Under the ice. After all, who couldn’t be influenced by genre pioneers Metallica? Well, in the early days at least.

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