The Black Map #42: Kodama from St. Albans!

The city of St. Albans is about 20 miles outside of London in Hertfordshire. It’s foundations come from the Iron Age settlement of┬áVerulamium, Celtic for “settlement over or by the marsh” and it takes its name from St. Alban himself. Although his resting place is believed to be on the outskirts of the current city, it’s location is unknown. That hasn’t stopped Enter Shikari from recording “All Eyes on the Saint”, a song which tells his tale. St. Albans is also famous for being the long time home of film director Stanley Kubrick as well as Sir Steven Hawking.

But as ever, we’re here for Metal and a band that have supported both Borders and Damned Spring Fragrantia in the past 12 months. That band is Kodama. Having released their self-titled EP in June, the quintet will be taking part in the first heat of the “Metal 2 the Masses” competition in February which sees unsigned underground metal bands get a shot at a spot on stage at Bloodstock! 2019 will be an incredible year for these fellows.

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