Riff Police! Pull Over! #39: Testament Vs Nuclear Assault!

Ah Testament. The Chuck Billy fronted Thrashers are one of a number of bands who could arguably be named as just outside of the “Big Four” that is Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth and of course Anthrax. The Berkeley Californian quintet formed in that classic Thrash era and second album “The New Order” broke the band into the Metal Mainstream. Its title track is one the albums best cuts and it’s riffage is credited to the writing power of lead guitarist Alex Skolnick, one of the most under rated Metal guitarists in the World today.

One of the bands that followed having been formed just 12 months later than Testament was Nuclear Assault. Listening to their track “Critical Mass” from 1989’s “Handle With Care” and it’s promotional single, the influence of Testament is clear. The bridge riff at 2:12 of “The New Order” becomes the main riff, starting at 0:25 of “Critical Mass”. Busted? 100%

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